Wire-Wrapped Heart – Snailed it!


Wire is a fun product to craft with, and truly skilled artists, like professional jeweler Ula of wirewrapped.eu, can make gorgeous things with it like this wire gothic valentine pendant.

In addition to beautifully adorning necks, Ula’s pendants also serve as inspiration to aspiring crafters who want to see what sort of twisted, twirly wire creations they can come up with themselves! That’s exactly what happened with “Goose,” a faithful and funny fan on CraftFail’s Facebook page, who attempted to recreate this intricate heart-shaped bauble herself.

wrapped wire fail

Um, heart-shaped? Not exactly. In Goose’s own words, “Wire wrapping. SNAILED IT.”

Maybe we’ll leave the wire pendants to the pros.

wrapped wire NAILED ITFor more stuff that’s funny because it misses the mark, join Robyn for fails galore at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she parents like she crafts – poorly.


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