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Lazy Lime Layer Cake

lime layer cakeThis key lime cake recipe found on Rikki Snyder Photography has a lot to love: layers of yummy cake, alternating with layers of yummy lime infused buttercream frosting, an all-over coating of more yummy lime infused buttercream frosting, and a topping of citrus fruit so I can pretend I’m consuming vitamins and essential nutrients!

I don’t know if this cake is EXACTLY what Instagrammer @fulleremery was hoping for, but whichever recipe she used, my guess is it missed the mark.

#Pinterestfail #delicatessen @lauralacommare

A photo posted by Emery (@fulleremery) on

These lazy layers are really lying down on the job! Well, the commenters on her post seem to agree it tasted great, so there’s still something to celebrate.

For more laughs and laziness, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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