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Pile Of Peep-Filled Peep Cake

Peeps CakeCookies Cupcakes and Cardio has a YouTube tutorial for this Peeps-filled Peep cake, which looks like a really great way to celebrate Easter and/or explain to your children where baby marshmallow chickens come from.

CraftFail reader Sara gave it a try, and while it looks like it might have been shaping up into a Peep shape at first, something went wrong when it started looking like soup.

peep cake fail

At least she reports it tasted awesome, so hopefully that means she was able to scarf it all down before anyone got a good look at it!

Peeps cake NAILED IT

For more stuff that’s funny with a side of sweet, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


One Response to Pile Of Peep-Filled Peep Cake

  1. Erin R. says:

    It looks like a tank, but all I can really think is that I want to scoop up that pond of frosting with a spoon.

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