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Sad Sharpie Scribble Coasters

Sharpie coasterThe Sharpie Blog has lots of cool ideas for projects you can make using everyone’s favorite permanent marker, including these Sharpie coasters. Both cheap and simple, all you have to do is scribble some Sharpie onto a plain white ceramic tile, drip on some rubbing alcohol until the colors blur nicely, let it dry and slap on some sealer!

Those are exactly the instructions CraftFail reader Kat followed, though, and instead of vibrant blooms of swirling color, she got this:

Sharpie coaster fail

Kat says the project “seemed easy enough to do…except for me!”

At least not having a coaster gives you an excuse to never put your drink down!

Sharpie coaster NAILED ITFor more colorful humor that’s sort of a mess, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


One Response to Sad Sharpie Scribble Coasters

  1. Needs more alcohol, you can never go wrong with more alcohol! Oh wait, we are talking about a different type of alcohol aren’t we?

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