Strawberry Cookie Surprise


The only thing wrong with these boxed-cake-mix-based strawberry chocolate chip cookies is that they’re on Sally’s Baking Addiction instead of on a giant heaping plate sitting directly in front of me, where they belong.

Ashley attempted a similar type of treat and ended up with the same problem I always do – rather than round little individual sweets, her cookies ran together, attempting to form one gigantic Super Cookie!

Um I baked cookies? And obviously NAILED it. #fail #pinterestfail #strawberry #cookies

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But then Ashley was, mercifully, able to save her own cookie fail with a generous sprinkling of optimism.

Guess they don't look too bad once pulled apart. #strawberrychocolatechip

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Surprise! You’re so right, they look great! But you know what also works to fix cookies that’ve grown together?

Eating them all. Immediately.

For more laughs (and advice about eating cookies immediately) that you’ll love, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

2 Responses to Strawberry Cookie Surprise

  1. Michelle says:

    Every food photographer who bakes chocolate chip cookies presses the chocolate chips on the top instead of mixing them in the batter (um excuse me I like every bite loaded with choco goodness, none of that “sprinkled on top” nonsense) so I’m willing to bet that yours tasted better, Ashley ;)

  2. s0nicfreak says:

    I have gotten perfect cookies by putting the batter in the freezer for 30 minutes or so after mixing, then rolling bits into a ball and flattening them into a circle on a really good non-stick sheet. But that’s a lot of trouble when everyone is going to inhale them quickly :)

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