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These Deviled Easter Eggs Have No Guts

deviled Easter egg chicks

Now, we’re not saying these deviled egg chicks on SheKnows are “brave” when we say the failed version “has no guts.” We’re saying the failed Easter appetizers @stottvi posted to Instagram appear to actually be lacking in creamy yellow yolk innards.

As @stottvi notes, “They were supposed to be way cuter but who has the patience! Haha”

Exactly—it’s like you’re singing the CraftFail anthem.

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2 Responses to These Deviled Easter Eggs Have No Guts

  1. Erin R. says:

    Oh, they’re cute! She did a much better job than I’d have done.

  2. Tamara says:

    Those albino eggs look pretty darn cute!
    I tried to make those, too. I think it was two years ago. They were looking like scarecrows!

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