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Too Crunchy Carrot Crescents

Crescent Roll Carrots

Sometimes people fail at crafts, and sometimes they fail at foods, but sometimes there’s a recipe for a food that’s also practically a craft—and those are some of my favorite fails of all.

For example, check out these too-cute carrot crescents by Hungry Happenings. Some folks would just make egg salad and serve crescent rolls on the side, but when a special occasion like Easter comes up, some folks like to try something a little fancier. To craft yourself a fancy Easter brunch, just wrap crescent rolls around metal cream horn molds, brush with food coloring, bake and stuff with egg salad. A little garnish on top creates a carrot your Easter guests will hop right over to eat!

Unless, of course, you hit a few snags like Tamara of  Confessions of a part-time working mom did. Like finding it nearly impossible to locate any metal cream horn molds (unless you’re one of the four people one Earth who actually know what those are and already own some). But find some she did, and she set about making her crescent carrots.

Crescent Roll Carrots baking

Adorable so far! So what’s the problem? “That dough stuck to the mold. HARD!! I couldn’t get it off,” Tamara reports. “Not as long as it was warm, not even after it cooled down. I served it, mold included, and we ate them like corn cobs… It was real messy to get off, too.”

However, if you can believe it, ONCE AGAIN Tamara turned a fail into a fix. As she describes it, “As for the filling I had to improvise. Toasted some bread and dumped it on the toast.” She’s being way too modest in her description, though, because her accidental Easter brunch is a zillion times cuter than anything I’d have done on purpose.

Crescent Roll Carrots saved

With a table setting that perfect, no one will even notice if they chip a few teeth on the overly crunchy carrot dough!

Besides, any meal when you can drown your craftfail sorrows in champagne is a win in my book!

Crescent Roll Carrots NAILED IT

For more funny, find Robyn searching for an excuse to drown her sorrows in champagne at Hollow Tree Ventures!

2 Responses to Too Crunchy Carrot Crescents

  1. Tamara says:

    (Hard as nail)ed it, hahaha! You are absolutely correct. At first I was upset about that bake/craft fail, but a glass of bubbly made it go away. OK, maybe two glasses.
    Thanks again for featuring me :-)

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