Crumpled Up Canadian Cake

ABC Block Cake

As we spread our crafty wings and try new projects (not always successfully), it’s important to remember that sometimes even a gifted, experienced crafter or baker can fail.

Sometimes they can even fail at THEIR OWN PROJECT.

Take Tamara, for example, who adapted a recipe to transfer a design onto a cake and ended up creating some really cool NHL Playoff Puck Brownies. She started by drawing her design in reverse using batter on parchment paper, freezing her work, then pouring brownie batter over the whole thing and baking.

Later, she used the same concept to bake up a first day of school treat for her son’s first day of first grade – the ABC Block Cakes you see above. AREN’T THEY SO CUTE?

So of course when Canada won the hockey World Cup finals, she decided to celebrate with little Canadian flag cakes. Hey, she was a pro at this process by now, right?

However, when her batter was a bit too runny and she had to hurry through tracing the maple leaf, she started to suspect things might not turn out as well this time…

Oh Canada cakes in process

And just as she feared, when she flipped it all over “my maple leaf could just as well be some jungle pucker-brush.”

Oh Canada cake fail

Says Tamara, “It’s not a total fail, but also not the way I wanted it to turn out.” Well, we’d definitley still eat them, if that makes you feel better!

Canadian Flag Cake NAILED IT

Find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for more funny fails (though few failed flag cakes, because she doesn’t even TRY to celebrate stuff like hockey victories).

One Response to Crumpled Up Canadian Cake

  1. Tamara says:

    Hahaha, you know what?
    I’m glad I didn’t try to make the U.S. flag…
    Thanks for having me!

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