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Beach Ball Balloon Arch – Nailed It

balloon archYou’ll see these beach ball balloon arches on Pinterest all the time – most of the time you’ll only find a photo, though, since it *seems* like something you could figure out how to make just by looking at it. But if you’re into things like “instructions” and “having a clue about what you’re supposed to be doing,” wikiHow has a tutorial that actually seems doable. And what a festive addition to any party!

Still, one thing you definitely CAN tell just by looking at it is that there are probably 8,352 things that could go wrong with its construction. Glue failures, partial collapse, supply substitutions… Just ask Karen, aka Dancing_Child

I laughed the hardest at her caption: “This took longer than I care to admit.” I bet if we took a poll, that’s the number one phrase uttered following a craft fail.

For more funny failure, find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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