Fuzzy Hat Fail

knitted hat fail

Most crafters know all too well that sinking feeling when you’ve already spent a TON of time on something, only   Read More »

Brownie in a Mug Melt

chocolate cake in a mug

If you love chocolate and lack patience, a chocolate cake in a mug recipe like this one from Collaborative Curry   Read More »

Beautifully Backwards DIY Stamp

Make your own stamp

Paper crafters are always up for a new challenge, so of course you’ll find many of them carving their own   Read More »

Lumpy Angry Undersized Owl

Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels

I don’t know what this owl pretzel treat from Better Homes and Gardens is so ticked off about, staring at us with   Read More »

Ombre Scarf Snafu

ombre fabric

I wouldn’t say ombre dyeing fabric is one of the easiest – or tidiest – projects you could try, but   Read More »

Arid Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Traditional Irish soda bread, like this loaf from Liz the Chef, is a staple for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or for   Read More »

Tasty 5-Dollar Pancake Prank

$5 bill pancakes

Leave it to some anonymous person an the Internet to create this picture of how a folded-up five-dollar bill reveals   Read More »

A Soccer Ball Cupcake Kick In the Teeth

Brazuca soccer ball cupcake

Piece of Cake Cupcakes on Flickr proves that making a confection fashioned after the intricately designed Brazuca soccer ball (THE official   Read More »