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Martha the magician

Martha the Magician

I don’t believe that David Copperfield can really make the Statue of Liberty disappear into thin air.  I don’t believe   Read More »

spray painted shoes inspiration

Spray Painted Shoes Fail

While I maintain that you can never have too many pairs of shoes (a point on which my husband and   Read More »

hula hoop chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier, Sort Of

Sure, it’s super duper helpful to follow a tutorial to the letter when you’re trying to exactly replicate a project,   Read More »

blame the kids

Blame the kids?

You spend hours on a project only to have it turn out looking like your five-year-old made it.  It’s not   Read More »

plaid nails inspiration

When Plaid Goes Bad (A Nail Fail)

Oh nail art, why must you taunt us?  Pinterest and YouTube would both have us believe that some methods are   Read More »

dye it black

Well, you could always try dyeing it…

Sometimes you can save a fail with what I like to call a “crafty last resort” – this usually involves   Read More »


Craft Tip #86: Masking for Straight Lines (Usually)

As a public service to the world, the CraftFail staff has been compiling crafting tips. Thanks to Our Cozy Cubbyhole   Read More »


Don’t Mock My Mockingjay

With any major movie release comes a tidal wave of merchandise, and The Hunger Games was no exception.  But why   Read More »