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Wallet Whoopsy

What I like best about this handmade wallet found on, besides how cute it is, would probably be the implication   Read More »

labia soap

The Pintester Takes on Ivory Soap Clouds

What is more adorable than a little kid having good, clean fun? (You’ll groan at the “clean fun” thing in   Read More »

Image from The Farmer's Nest

The Pintester Takes on Soda Ice Cream

Recipes that say “fool-proof” are like a dare, right? Because, usually, I can fool them. Take Exhibit A: It’s ice   Read More »

Image from Gingerbread Bagels

The Pintester Takes on Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies

You guys, sometimes I get drunk and need cookies. It happens, ok? And these are about the only times when   Read More »

wine bottle vase

Pinterest Fail: Cut Wine Bottle (Ouch)

Reader Becky M.  tried to make this DIY Cut Glass Wine bottle she saw at The technique is not   Read More »

Image from Beauty and Lace

The Pintester Takes on Newspaper Nail Art

In the world of Pinterest manicures, perhaps no manicure has gotten quite the attention of the newspaper nail art manicure.   Read More »

craft tip: look where you're scrolling

Craft Tip #15: Look where you’re scrolling

As a public service to the world, the CraftFail staff has been compiling crafting tips. Thanks to “The Scrolls are   Read More »

Bottle Bottom Flowers

Bottoms up Bottle Flowers

When you look at this photo… You don’t really need to read the instructions. I have proven this by doing   Read More »