I want to hold your Plastic Bag Holder

From: Sue Y My website: www.nmypjz.etsy.com Subject: Plastic Bag Holder Gone Bad! We have a monthly gathering of friends called   Read More »

B-Movie Horror Cupcakes

by Cassie, Hand, Heart and Home I had a go at making some chocolate cupcakes and also some banana muffins.   Read More »

I heart coffee, I hate resin

For my first resin project, I wisely blew my entire bottle of resin in one sitting so I couldn’t learn   Read More »

Creepy Pancake Man

From: breanna My website: www.dollarstoremom.com I was experimenting with an idea to make a dollar store pancake writer to make   Read More »

Eeyore’s Anatomy

From: Mendy W Subject: Eeyore’s missing body part! So this is a little girl’s felt makeup bag with cute little   Read More »

Sewing on the Dark Side

From: Christina G     Inspired to make the Ruby Doll, I took a stab at it having never sewn   Read More »

Warning: Drink coffee BEFORE crafting!

It is so sad about my brain. The same brain that recently managed to get very close to all A’s   Read More »

Barbie sez, don’t drink and craft

From: Notagirlymom A while back, I had this insane idea I was going to make a faaaaabulous one-of-a-kind fairy/elf-like doll   Read More »