Work in Progress or Fail?

From: Kristi My website: Subject: WIP, or Fail? Message Body: I’m having trouble deciding if some of these WIPs   Read More »

mo’saic, mo’ problems…

From: ana at I Made it So My website: Subject: mo’saic, mo’ problems… Message Body: i was at a   Read More »

Take a Big Bite of Fail

by: Crafterella I have this picture in my head of how I want my kitchen to look and it includes   Read More »

Dotee’s gone ugly

Have you heard of Dotee dolls? They are little art dolls that first appeared on Dot’s Life and Art blog,   Read More »

Weave Have a Failure

From: Gail G My website: Subject: Weave Fail After one person dropped out, I volunteered to take her place   Read More »

FAILFELT: the teeny tiny skully cap

We got our very first craftfail submission via the new form! Yay! From: Amy T. Subject: FAILFELT Message Body: Long,   Read More »

It’s fail time of the month

I recently joined the wide wide world of reusable hygiene products (well, I made some for someone else). In my   Read More »

Macrame disaster

Be careful when choosing your macrame materials!