Tacky Saloon Crafts

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You are getting very quilty!

From: Erin N My website: http://stealthandaces.wordpress.com/ You’d think by now I’d realize that if I don’t like the way fabrics   Read More »

Clear Glass Ornament Fail

I fell in love with the marbled ornaments at all the craft stores during the holidays, and wanted that effect   Read More »

I love you, you love me, my curtains look like… Barney

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Vinyl Does Not Work That Way!

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A Soapy Error of Phallic Proportions

From: Regina My website: www.chalkinmypocket.com I was working on my recipe for¬†bathtub puffy paint and thought if I let the   Read More »

Bearded CraftFail

So, since the theme of this year’s spring bookfair is The County Fair/Carnival, I decided I would knit a ‘stache/beard   Read More »

Charred Charms

From: Faith My website: thepinkjewelrybox.blogspot.com Each Friday on my blog, I do what I call “Found Object Friday”, which is   Read More »