I can’t even give my stuff away!

I actually made these and had them listed on one of my shops.  They are supposed to be coin purses.    Read More »

Sling Neck Protector Fail

When I made the homemade sling for Angie I did great on the sling part, but this little piece was   Read More »

“Bringing Down the House” Wood Candles

This is (literally) a cautionary tale. I made these tealight holders with a friend for a wedding reception last summer, but   Read More »

Moss Topiary Fail

It was a good idea, but I was so eager to try a large version of my mini moss topiaries that   Read More »

Pirate Gingham Reverse Applique Embroidery Fail

This was supposed to be the pocket of a tote bag. Let’s count the wrong turns. 1. Start out with   Read More »

Hairless Chewbacca Pancake

I was just trying to be a good mom. I was just trying to provide fun pancake face for my   Read More »

I Fail: The CraftFail Badge of Courage

Are you a failer? Add a badge to your site to share the love. (Thanks to Holly of Art, Meet   Read More »

Twisted Blanket Rug = Fail-ish

I went to the Pendleton Woolen Mill store awhile and picked up some of their waste-wool products. This is “blanket   Read More »