Stenciling By A Novice

This project came about because I wanted cheerful curtains on the cheap for my newly painted kitchen.¬† I sewed the   Read More »

Lady Liberty Likes a Good Laugh You really wouldn’t think that starting something as simple as a Chia plant would be difficult. They go something   Read More »

CraftFails heard ’round the web

Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica) narrowly avoids an iron-on crafting disaster. Leslie at Fluff & Nonsense is off the fail   Read More »

Luxe Ruffled Fantasy FAIL

It’s a shrug crocheted in somewhat loose, what I thought would be fashionable, slip stitches. The 3/4-sleeves end with a   Read More »

I Ain’t Got No Body

(channeling some 1985 David Lee Roth – does it soften the post, or make it worse?) When my doll-making started   Read More »

File this under: Don’t Bother (DIY yo-yo maker)

A relatively recent invention, the yo-yo maker, had me thinking one of those famous last phrases among CraftFailers the world   Read More »

The 80s Called…

And they want their prom dress flower back. I recently saw this great little tutorial on making ribbon flowers at   Read More »

Tee Dress Fail

Half of the fail in this tee dress is just my body shape/size… I’ve been wanting for eons to make   Read More »