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Beaded Torture Flip-Flops

While these beaded flip flops look beautiful, I made a huge mistake in the construction. They are impossible to wear   Read More »

The Cow Says, “CraftFail”

I was commissioned to create a simple kids’ craft with a barnyard theme, so I spent hours brainstorming and trying   Read More »

Let’s Play “Can You Spot the CraftFail?”

I have made quite a few of these bracelets. I was so proud of myself – this was the first   Read More »

Lay off the sweets, Coraline Jones charm

Well, a friend of mine asked me to make her a polymer clay Coraline Jones charm. I’ve made a Coraline-like   Read More »

Holy Molten Molds, Batman!

In an attempt to make flower pins inspired by Anthropologie, I placed a candy mold in the oven. Not heat   Read More »

Cheer up, crafty kid, the dog loves your handmade owl

I tried. I really tried. I should have learned my lesson last year when I tried to make a stuffed   Read More »

Truck Nuts for the Ears

What I saw in my head: lovely, delicate pink crystal drops with a splash of bling bling. What I created:   Read More »

Remember how to spell each time you drink

How do you show your dad you care? Hand-paint him a coffee mug that he can look at every morning   Read More »