FAILFELT: the teeny tiny skully cap

We got our very first craftfail submission via the new form! Yay! From: Amy T. Subject: FAILFELT Message Body: Long,   Read More »

It’s fail time of the month

I recently joined the wide wide world of reusable hygiene products (well, I made some for someone else). In my   Read More »

Macrame disaster

Be careful when choosing your macrame materials!

Pendleton Wool Fail

I live near the Pendleton Woolen Mill outlet, where you can get fabulous offcuts of wool fabric and blankets for   Read More »

A Dolly Only a Dog Could Love

This picture doesn’t do the failure justice, BUT….recently I saw these little people cupcake toppers you can make out of   Read More »

Icing+Texas Summers=This

I was helping friends host a co-ed shower last summer, and I was in charge of the cupcakes. There were   Read More »

It’s, um… a leaf?

After a long walk in the woods yesterday, I was inspired to crochet some leaves.¬† I went home, got out   Read More »

Baby… booties?

It’s been a while since I have sewn anything. It shows! I tried to make these super cute bootiesfor my   Read More »