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O Failure Tree, oh failure tree

My website: Subject: Fail trees I apologize for the poor image quality, but in all honesty, this latest creation   Read More »

Don’t Judge a Cuff by its Mustache

by Sarahapple With days until Christmas, my handmade Xmas is in high gear. So high, that I am driving blindly   Read More »

Don’t Get Your Cowl in a Twist

From: Jen Pepper My website: Subject: Cowl Fail Matt’s mom recently taught me how to knit. So like the   Read More »

Great Expectations

From: Kati Subject: Ornament Fail Message Body: I intended to make a wreath ornament like the photo above, a project   Read More »

Make Your Own Nightmare Rabbit

From: Vanessa Subject: Frank the Sock Rabbit Message Body: For my office’s Secret Santa, we’re not allowed to spend any   Read More »

Would You Eat this Anteater? Cooking CraftFail

From: Jana My website: Subject: Anteater Made of Olives My hobby is making menus from historical cookbooks. This particular   Read More »

Festival of Ugly Menorahs: Crimes against Jewmanity

Okay, so I posted this menorah in earnest on my blog a couple years ago. And this year, someone named   Read More »

Have Yourself a Soggy Salt Dough Christmas

by Heather, Dollar Store Crafts Aww, look at that poor little soggy salt dough man laying in a pile of   Read More »