Knot a Flower

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Craft Fail – Diseased Snowman Gift Tag

As a paper-crafter, I have about 3,482 pounds of paper scraps.  So I figured I could make some Christmas tags   Read More »

Holiday Crafting: Make a Blanket into a Doll

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Bird House/Church/Bordello. With Glitter.

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Felted Ball Fail

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OMG: Oh My Gourd

By Pam, Gingerbread Snowflakes I am having way too much fun playing with gourds and I just have to share!   Read More »

Necklace FAIL

I’m not usually a frilly girl.  I like clean lines, classic colors, and I look like an idiot in lots   Read More »

Failed cornflour ornaments

What is this? – The ingredients for a craft project?- No its actually, my craft project come undone- all on its own!!   Read More »