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Christmas in June: Santa Garcia Fail

I made this guy two years ago, but I guess I just never got around to sharing him with you.   Read More »

Earth Day – Epic Trash Makeovers!

Recently our local library celebrated Earth Month by having kids make crafts out of, well, out of garbage basically. To   Read More »

You look like an Amish Pippi Longstocking or something

by Crafterella How exactly does one fail at making a scarf?  It’s just a long, skinny rectangle!  Well I can   Read More »

The Vivienne Westwood Miscalculation

From: CarmencitaB My website: I am making Butterick 9214 into a coat and I have modified the pattern so   Read More »

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, That’s Color of My Fail…

From: Angelina My website: [sung to the tune of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision“] For me craftfails are horrible   Read More »

Attack of the Mutant Milano Sheep

(inspiration image from Southern Living) From: Kristen My website: Last Easter, my father in law ran across something in   Read More »

Recycled T-Shirt… Bowl?

(inspiration photo: hula hoop weaving tutorial at FamilyFun) From: Aimee My website: Today, I attempted to make a rag   Read More »

Totally 80s Coral Yarn Fish

From: Kristi My website: So, what color matches coral or salmon? GAH!?! Certainly not lemon yellow OR a light   Read More »