greyhound sweater

Cozy Greyhound Sweater – Canine Catastrophe

As the weather gets colder, responsible pet owners start thinking about how to keep their furry friends from getting frosty,   Read More »

Heart Shaped Gelatin Bird Feeder

Glob Shaped Bird Feeder

Christmas for a teacher can be tough – you feel the pressure to give to EVERYONE at school – other   Read More »


Caught Blue-Necked (Tie Dye Disaster)

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who got into the garbage can and made a mess.¬† Sometimes you get lucky   Read More »

FAILFELT: the teeny tiny skully cap

We got our very first craftfail submission via the new form! Yay! From: Amy T. Subject: FAILFELT Message Body: Long,   Read More »

How NOT to knit a stuffed toy

By Notagirlymom I had some leftover soft cotton/acrylic blend yarn from a washcloth I made so I decided I was   Read More »

A soft place to… fail

I’ve been walking my french bulldog, Grendel a little more because of the nice weather, but I find that he   Read More »

Fat Dog in a Little Coat

By Lesley Karpiuk (pinktoque) of The Pink Toque Craft Blog. Fat dog in a little coat… or is it just   Read More »

Cat toy and bed embarrassments

By Nim, Geekcrafting and Uberdorkage So there I was, finally with a cat in my home!¬† Poor kitty had nowhere   Read More »