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A good disguise!

I have a big head. So I don’t like to wear hats, besides which I get severe hat head. But   Read More »

Sweater Curse

Caption under this in my photo album said: “The 1st (& last) sweater I knit for Scott.” Ever hear of   Read More »

Crappy Crafters meet Clementine Crates

Fruit Crate Assemblages The Crappy Crafters, four women old-enough to know better and two adolescent daughters who joined the fun,   Read More »

The Ultimate in Olfactory Craft Failure

by Mary BT When I was in 4th or 5th grade, the girl across the street (whom I shall call   Read More »

Welcome Spring Calendar Fail

by Shoveling Ferret A few months back Craft Magazine and Singer Sewing Machines sponsored a “Crafting with Nature Contest.” All   Read More »

Fun Food Fail

By Heather Mann, Dollar Store Crafts (crafting for Little Nummies) Little Nummies is this great site founded by my friend   Read More »

Moustache Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts and CROQ Zine Sure, everyone knows you can use #6 plastic (the kind in takeout   Read More »

Faux Shrinky Dink Fail!

by Dot – I am the self proclaimed queen of making faux shrinky dinks using #6 plastic… the the   Read More »