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Dog Brownie Fail

By, Liz from After cleaning out the junk room, I came across an old issue of Martha Stewart Kids from   Read More »

Failed Valentine’s Brownies

By Marybt, I know what you’re thinking.  Admit it.  You’re thinking, “How on earth can a person screw up   Read More »

cup cake cones

Cupcake Carnage

SOMEONE call 911! Cupcake down! Cupcake DOWN! I bought the ingredients, I tried, I failed miserably. Incase you haven’t been   Read More »

Fun Food Fail

By Heather Mann, Dollar Store Crafts (crafting for Little Nummies) Little Nummies is this great site founded by my friend   Read More »

I can Explain

by becca.elpy of Not Rachel Originally posted on my blog. More a food fail than a craft fail. I tried.   Read More »


Silk Tie Easter Egg Fail

By Marybt, This week I bring you … EASTER EGGS!!!! What’s that you say?  It’s impossible to screw up Easter   Read More »

A Fail from Valentines Day

By Dot at Dabbled Hiya, Dot here… Hopefully we can include food fails here too… here’s one I figured I’d   Read More »