mumpkin - chrysanthemum covered pumpkin

Mumpkin Fail

These “mumpkins” from Lowe’s Creative Ideas are cute and creative, but they only stay fresh for about four days, and   Read More »

crash hot sweet potatoes

Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes from Pinterest–Smashed it!

Sweet potatoe — they’re way healthier than their non-sweet cousins, and provide extra vitamins and minerals. These Crash Hot Sweet   Read More »

Image from The Farmer's Nest

The Pintester Takes on Soda Ice Cream

Recipes that say “fool-proof” are like a dare, right? Because, usually, I can fool them. Take Exhibit A: It’s ice   Read More »

easy calzone rolls

Easy Calzone Rolls – a Pinterest Hot Mess

Yummmm, easy calzone rolls. Reader Jennifer found the recipe for these Easy Calzone Rolls via her travels on Pinterest. If   Read More »

kiwi popsicle

Chocolate-Covered Kiwi – Nailed It

When Reader Gilda found this image of a chocolate-covered kiwi popsicle on Pinterest (from the ShowFood Chef blog), she knew   Read More »

Image from Born to Be Blonde

The Pintester Takes on Homemade Self Tanner

I know it’s August, but it’s hard to get tan when you wear SPF 80 if you step outside even   Read More »

craft fail buy muffin tins

How to become a Muffin Tin Mom

Some time ago I came across Muffin Tin Mom who makes adorable meals and snacks and pops them in muffin   Read More »

squash chips

Squash Chips: Burned to a Crisp, not Fried

Reader Katie M. was inspired by some baked-not-fried squash chips she saw on Pinterest, like these ones from Goat Lady   Read More »