kiwi popsicle

Chocolate-Covered Kiwi – Nailed It

When Reader Gilda found this image of a chocolate-covered kiwi popsicle on Pinterest (from the ShowFood Chef blog), she knew   Read More »

Image from Born to Be Blonde

The Pintester Takes on Homemade Self Tanner

I know it’s August, but it’s hard to get tan when you wear SPF 80 if you step outside even   Read More »

craft fail buy muffin tins

How to become a Muffin Tin Mom

Some time ago I came across Muffin Tin Mom who makes adorable meals and snacks and pops them in muffin   Read More »

squash chips

Squash Chips: Burned to a Crisp, not Fried

Reader Katie M. was inspired by some baked-not-fried squash chips she saw on Pinterest, like these ones from Goat Lady   Read More »

Inspiration Image by The Little Giggler

DIY Shredded Jeans

  Reader Melody read a blog post from The Little Giggler about upcycling dark, flare jeans, into pastel skinny jeans:   Read More »

Image from Gingerbread Bagels

The Pintester Takes on Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies

You guys, sometimes I get drunk and need cookies. It happens, ok? And these are about the only times when   Read More »

spray painted shoes inspiration

Spray Painted Shoes Fail

While I maintain that you can never have too many pairs of shoes (a point on which my husband and   Read More »

wavy hair

Heat-free Wavy Hair Fail

Love Maegan is such a fun DIY beauty and fashion blog, and she has a lot of great ideas, like   Read More »