CraftFail Where Crafters Go to Fail Thu, 21 May 2015 15:00:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Turtle-Shaped Cake – Nailed It! Thu, 21 May 2015 15:00:07 +0000 Read More »]]> turtle shaped cake calls these pull-apart turtle cupcakes, and for whatever reason if you want to tear a turtle limb from limb and eat it at your next party, I highly recommend using the cupcake version.

Instagrammer Good Girls Studio made one for her mom for Mother’s Day (her mom must be a turtle fan, unless I missed something and the new traditional gift of maternal appreciation is reptiles), but OOPS, “his face totally slid off.”

Oh dear, it’s really just a shell of what it could have been (turtle joke!).


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This Little Piggy Went To Therapy Tue, 19 May 2015 15:00:11 +0000 Read More »]]> pig cookies

These little piggy cookies from I Feel Cook are so cute, I almost can forgive them for not being bacon. You can tell the baker really put a lot of time, love and attention into making and decorating them.

This little piggy cookie via Our Stable Table, however, is probably going to need some therapy.

This is why I'm not an artist. #Pinterestfail #notpaleo #notsorry

A photo posted by Our Stable Table (@ourstabletable) on

Don’t worry, little fella, you’re still loved. Besides, I’m sure you’re beautiful… on the inside.

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Strawberry Layer Cake Slide Thu, 14 May 2015 15:00:14 +0000 Read More »]]> strawberry-lemonade-layer-cake

Doesn’t this strawberry layer cake from my recipes look delicious? It’s so pink! It’s so sweet! It’s so… vertical!

That’s more than we can say for Instagrammer Abi, who says, “note: when making a layer cake…. second thought, don’t make a layer cake. additional note : my child will eat the homemade strawberry frosting off of the refrigerator door…”

It still looks tasty (despite ending up a bit asymmetrical), so we’re glad the yummy frosting won’t go to waste at least!

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Tripped Up Leprechaun Trap Cake Tue, 12 May 2015 15:00:11 +0000 Read More »]]> Leprechaun cake insideview

I don’t do a whole lot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, besides wearing green to avoid getting pinched, but this Leprechaun Trap Cake by Not Martha is pretty tempting to try. You can see the rainbow hiding inside, but the real trick is the trap in the hollow center of the cake, where gold coins (meant to lure the leprechaun in) are balanced atop some pretzel stick bars in hopes he’ll fall in the hole.

Leprechaun cake

See? So cute! Our craftfailing friend Tamara got in the St. Pat’s spirit and decided to make one, but discovered just what I feared—that trapping an actual Leprechaun might be easier than trapping a rainbow inside a cake.

Leprechaun trap cake fail

Check out Tamara’s full post to see all her amazing St. Patrick’s Day ideas (I’m not waiting until March to make fruit rainbows!); she always delivers on the fails AND the inspiration!

Leprechaun trap cake nailed it

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Eye-Poppingly Pretty Paper Hat Fri, 08 May 2015 15:00:00 +0000 Read More »]]> paper hat on girl paper hat

This paper hat tutorial by Hello Natural shows how to make a derby hat for kids out of newspaper, but the Kentucky Derby isn’t the only occasion when a gal might need an oversized floral bonanza perched on her head. What about Mother’s Day brunch?!?

Using similar materials and a slightly different technique, Jess via Instagram shares, “I may be artsy but I am in no way crafty. Here’s to a weird, giant paper hat for the Mother’s Day tea party our preschool is hosting.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you crafters out there, who put your kids before yourself (or your ego, or your fashion sense) every day of the year!

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Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie Wed, 06 May 2015 15:00:12 +0000 Read More »]]> smoothie

The fine folks at Damn Delicious have come up with a raspberry sunrise smoothie recipe that seems fool proof. With just four ingredients and a few simple instructions, what could go wrong?

Oh, I mean besides the fact that, generally speaking, you can’t really stack liquids up very easily, as the aptly and hilariously named @_imnotfancy showed us on Instagram:

Pinterest fail. #pinteresttoldmeto #pinterestfail

A photo posted by jenny from the block (@_imnotfancy) on

Oh well, it was all getting mixed up eventually anyway, right?

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Yarn Balloon Bust Mon, 04 May 2015 15:00:39 +0000 Read More »]]> string ball

You’ve surely seen lots of tutorials for yarn balls on Pinterest, like this one from Honest To Nod, and you’ve probably also seen plenty of failed attempts to make them. We’ve even showed you a hilarious video explaining exactly how making string balls goes terribly wrong, which you should watch because you have no idea how long I had to stand in the shower during the filming of that thing.

Still, the potential for a kid-friendly, easy craft is irresistible temptation for many people, including CraftFail reader Laura, who says:

My four-year-old son and I saw an amazing piece of art that had been created by dipping yarn in Elmers glue and wrapping it around a blown up balloon. We were supposed to let it dry overnight, then in the morning be able to pop the balloon and be left with a delicate orbit made out of string to hang as a decoration. Well? Here’s our version!

yarn balloon ball fail

Nothing like a craft project to deflate your hopes—and your ego.

string ball nailed it

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The Woes of Oreo Pops Fri, 01 May 2015 15:00:22 +0000 Read More »]]> Oreo pops

If you’re afraid to commit to cake pops, Oreo pops (like these featured on makoodle) are reported to be an easier alternative. Instead of baking a cake, then destroying your perfectly good cake to turn it into multiple spherical cakes on sticks, you can just stuff a stick into a pre-made cookie and skip straight to the chocolate dipping and sprinkles sprinkling!

Well, in theory. Instagrammer @monelleus found it to be slightly more difficult than it sounds.

Screw you Pinterest. #pinterestfail

A photo posted by monelleus (@monelleus) on

If it’s any consolation, our experience here at CraftFail is that things would have been WAY WORSE if you’d gone with cake pops anyway. They’re not going to win any beauty pageants, but I’m sure these were still tasty – after all, you’ll never mess up a cookie too badly by adding more chocolate!

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Contact Paper Stencil Sadness Wed, 29 Apr 2015 15:00:30 +0000 Read More »]]> removable contact paper stencil mugs

Pinterest is chock full of stenciling tutorials, but some of them take an extra step toward clever. Anyone who has stenciled before knows that the hardest part is preventing your paint or marker from bleeding under the edge, leaving your design with an unsightly blurry edge.

Hey, that’s what we’re using a stencil for—we could’ve painted a wobble-edged blob freehand, right?

One potential fix is a contact paper stencil, like the one used for these farm animal mugs on Country Living. You cut out the shape you want, just like a traditional stencil, but when you peel the backing off IT’S STICKY, preventing those janky edges that stencils so often leave behind.

Except, you know, when they don’t work the way they should.

Says Instagrammer Kat B, “Ugh. In theory, removable contact paper stencil is a great idea. Until you remove it.”

Isn’t that always the way with craft fails? They start with so much promise, yet end with a NAILED IT.

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Too Crunchy Carrot Crescents Mon, 27 Apr 2015 15:00:40 +0000 Read More »]]> Crescent Roll Carrots

Sometimes people fail at crafts, and sometimes they fail at foods, but sometimes there’s a recipe for a food that’s also practically a craft—and those are some of my favorite fails of all.

For example, check out these too-cute carrot crescents by Hungry Happenings. Some folks would just make egg salad and serve crescent rolls on the side, but when a special occasion like Easter comes up, some folks like to try something a little fancier. To craft yourself a fancy Easter brunch, just wrap crescent rolls around metal cream horn molds, brush with food coloring, bake and stuff with egg salad. A little garnish on top creates a carrot your Easter guests will hop right over to eat!

Unless, of course, you hit a few snags like Tamara of  Confessions of a part-time working mom did. Like finding it nearly impossible to locate any metal cream horn molds (unless you’re one of the four people one Earth who actually know what those are and already own some). But find some she did, and she set about making her crescent carrots.

Crescent Roll Carrots baking

Adorable so far! So what’s the problem? “That dough stuck to the mold. HARD!! I couldn’t get it off,” Tamara reports. “Not as long as it was warm, not even after it cooled down. I served it, mold included, and we ate them like corn cobs… It was real messy to get off, too.”

However, if you can believe it, ONCE AGAIN Tamara turned a fail into a fix. As she describes it, “As for the filling I had to improvise. Toasted some bread and dumped it on the toast.” She’s being way too modest in her description, though, because her accidental Easter brunch is a zillion times cuter than anything I’d have done on purpose.

Crescent Roll Carrots saved

With a table setting that perfect, no one will even notice if they chip a few teeth on the overly crunchy carrot dough!

Besides, any meal when you can drown your craftfail sorrows in champagne is a win in my book!

Crescent Roll Carrots NAILED IT

For more funny, find Robyn searching for an excuse to drown her sorrows in champagne at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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