CraftFail Where Crafters Go to Fail Mon, 01 Sep 2014 15:00:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Hard Truth About Fabric Softener Mon, 01 Sep 2014 15:00:01 +0000 Read More »]]> Pinterest fabric softenerWe’ve all seen DIY laundry hacks on Pinterest for making your own detergent, but have you seen the ones for fabric softener? It seems pretty straightforward, with many tutorials calling for nothing but white vinegar, hair conditioner and water. Not only is that a great money saver, but as CraftFail reader Lindsay noted, it’s the perfect Pinterest project when you’re in a laundry pinch.

I ran out of fabric softener, and since I had all the ingredients on hand to make my own I decided to try it. Not only did it not soften my clothes, I think it made them less soft than using no fabric softener at all. The towels feel like… sand paper on your skin. My daughters pajamas feel heavy and like the soap didn’t completely rinse out. I am having to rewash everything I washed with this stuff, after going to the store and picking up a bottle of Downy. You’d think after the failed make your own dishwasher soap I would stop trusting Pinterest cleaning recipes.

So, in case you’d never been adequately warned about Pinterest’s fickle believability – PINNER BEWARE! Unless you like re-washing laundry (and dishes, apparently) you might want to think twice about trying this one.

What about you - have you ever tried one of the DIY detergents or fabric softeners? Did it work for you?

fabric softener

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Martha’s Chewy Cookie Crunch Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:00:12 +0000 Read More »]]> Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookies

All of you posh, in-the-know people are probably aware that Martha Stewart has three chocolate chip cookie recipes (I’d always assumed she had closer to three kabillion). Pictured above are the Crisp and Chewy variety, which Martha describes as “soft in the middle, slightly crunchy at the edges, and extra-big.”

That wasn’t the case for CraftFail reader Nicole, however, who sent us this photo of her sad baking experiment:

Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookies fail

She reports:

I ended up with small, brown, very hard little nuggets. I had to try one anyway….shockingly, it did not taste good. As a bonus, it left me with a super weird feeling in my mouth. Seriously.

I know what I did wrong now and will attempt again. Watch out Martha!

Good for you, Nicole – if at first you don’t Martha, try, try again!

Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookies nailed it

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Sloppy Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls Wed, 27 Aug 2014 15:00:55 +0000 Read More »]]> Pumpkin-Cinnamon-RollsWe’re fast approaching the annual onset of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte addictions worldwide, which brings with it a renewed desire to eat ALL THE PUMPKIN-FLAVORED THINGS. It’s easy to find recipes for pumpkiny desserts and drinks, but what about breakfast?

The marvelous get crocked has you covered with these scrumptious pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls, which you can make in the crock pot. YES, THE CROCK POT. So easy. I don’t see any excuse for not having a batch of these brewing all day, every day. Think of all the deliciousness, not to mention all the disgusting child-related stinky-ness that would be replaced by the delightful combined aroma of pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls.

Yes, please.

As you can tell, CraftFail friend Kat, from How To, How Hard, and How Much, had a lot of great reasons to test them out. Unfortunately, she reported that, “I knew something was wrong from the very beginning. Not a good sign.”

She found the dough to be… not very doughy, mostly because it called for A LOT of liquids. A quick check of the measurements she used against the recipe shows she used quite a bit more water than was listed, so either get crocked has fixed a typo since Kat’s attempt, or Kat needs reading glasses. Either way, she didn’t have high hopes when she plopped them into the slow cooker.

Pumpkin-Cinnamon-Rolls in process

Check out Kat’s blog for the details – but suffice it to say, the results were not pretty.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls CollageFor more delicious funny and commentary on stinky children, check out Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!


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Magnetic Soup Mess Mon, 25 Aug 2014 15:00:39 +0000 Read More »]]> magnetic slime

Science is awesome, but science is at its MOST awesome when it involves messy experiments for kids – like magnetic slime (as pictured here on Frugal Fun For Boys).

Some of the ingredients might require a special order, but after that the project is a snap. All you have to do is mix up some liquid starch, iron oxide powder, and white glue – then let the fun begin! CraftFail reader Lindsay couldn’t wait to try it with her family!

magnetic slime fail

Mmm, magnetic soup! Isn’t science… confusing, kids?

magnetic slime nailed it

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Carrot Centerpiece of Sadness Fri, 22 Aug 2014 15:00:15 +0000 Read More »]]> carrots in a jar

Throwing a party is no easy task. Throwing a party for a kid? Even harder. Throwing a party and cooking for twelve people with a baby on your hip? Forget about it.

That’s what CraftFail reader Carly tried to do, though – all she needed was a little help from her mom! She’d decided on an Eater theme for her daughter’s baptism party, so she asked her mom to make this simple centerpiece she saw on Pinterest. Raw carrots, plunked in a jar full of water? No problem!

carrots in a jar fail

Okay, maybe there’s a *small* problem… those veggies need a serious revamp!

carrot centerpiece nailed it

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Lemon Loaf Let-Down Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:00:48 +0000 Read More »]]> Starbucks Lemon Loaf

Everybody’s day could be a little brighter with a daily slice of Starbucks Lemon Loaf! Well, unless you don’t like lemon. Or you’re allergic to eggs. Or you can’t afford a $2/day cake addiction.

The Internet can’t help you with the first two, but it can help you spread your Lemon Loaf dollar farther with copycat Starbucks lemon loaf recipes, like this one from Frugal Coupon Living.

CraftFail fan Brandy, of Max & Otis Designs, got a recipe from a friend and decided a homemade knock-off was way better than the budget-busting real thing. She’s not sure where she went wrong, but…

Starbucks Lemon Loaf fail

Brandy says, “I didn’t bother with the icing, nothing was going to help pretty it up.”

Good call, Brandy! Know when to cut your losses – and when to call in your hungry husband to clean up the evidence.

Starbucks Lemon Loaf nailed itl

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Cut Bottle Bust Mon, 18 Aug 2014 15:00:35 +0000 Read More »]]> cut glass with string

We’ve all seen tutorials, like this one by accidentalcharm on tumblr, for cutting glass with string. “That seems easy,” we crazily think to ourselves. “With just some string, highly flammable liquid, and empty bottles of booze, I could have some broken glass! What could go wrong?”

The answer is *plenty* - even if you stopped guzzling the contents of your bottle well before starting this project -which is what Nicole and husband discovered. Ignoring past failed attempts (and injuries), they followed the instructions to the letter.

And couldn’t get it to work.

So they went above and beyond what the instructions called for, soaking the twine in rubbing alcohol for 20 MINUTES and then setting it ablaze with a blow torch.

cutting glass with string

You can bet it worked this time! Just maybe a little *too* well…

broken bottle

As Nicole pointed out, the last stage of the process – gently sanding the edges smooth – was really out of the question. Oh well, time to start drinking again!

cut glass with string fail

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Mashed Mustache Nails Fri, 15 Aug 2014 15:00:19 +0000 Read More »]]> Moustache Fingernails by cutepolish

We’ve seen attempts at this YouTube nail polish tutorial for Movember Moustache Nails by cutepolish before, with some hair-raising results. Still, it’s such an undeniably adorable manicure, it’s tough not to be tempted to try it!

CraftFail reader Louise definitely wanted to try her hand at this handlebar mustache, but she knew there was a lot of potential for a nail fail. So she watched a video, took her time and tried it out on just one finger…

mustache nail fail

“What the picture does not show, is that after 2 mins. I ruined the part of the mustache that actually looked good, since it was not dried,” says Louise. She says she’s not afraid to give it another chance, but maybe she should wait a few months; in October this would make a really great “bat that got run over by a steamroller” manicure!

mustache manicure NAILED IT

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Funny Runny Rainbow Jell-O Wed, 13 Aug 2014 15:00:09 +0000 Read More »]]> rainbow jello

Jell-O is a classic – but in the past, the fanciest thing you could do with a gelatin dessert was pour it into a mold and float mushy bits of pineapple in it. Leave it to creative minds like the folks at Just A Pinch to take Jell-o from “monochromatic meh” to “rainbow layered WOW.”

To sweeten the deal, the recipe for this colorful treat is fairly simple: you just alternate different flavors of Jell-O with a special mixture of sweetened condensed milk, making sure to refrigerate between each layer until it’s set. Isn’t it beautiful?

rainbow jello failJessica, of Four Plus An Angel, definitely added at least a few flavors of Jell-O and what appears to be PLENTY of sweetened condensed milk, but… the layers part isn’t exactly happening. Instead of a rainbow, it looks more like lumpy, melted gummy bear ice cream – which, come to think of it, would be a gigantic hit at my house.

rainbow jello nailed itFor more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her cooking is so bad her kids would be grateful to get this chunky Jell-O stew.


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Outdoor Underwear Lanterns Mon, 11 Aug 2014 15:00:18 +0000 Read More »]]> paper lantern

Why buy what you can MAKE, right? That’s the mantra of many crafters, and it’s exactly what crossed CraftFail reader Tresa’s mind when she saw these square paper lanterns for sale at luna bazaar.

Using a pre-made, cheap white shade and solar lights, she assembled her creation. It would be lovely! It would be energy efficient! It would be… a useless pile of junk!

paper lantern fail

Tresa said it best when she confided, “What I ended up making looked more like a giant pair of men’s boxers hanging out to dry.”

paper lantern nailed it

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