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Cheddar Cheese Soap Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts The Spam Soap was my 2nd batch ever. This soap was a few batches later,   Read More »

Condom Henna Applicator Fail

By dyp embellishments, For the last 5-ish years I have been a frequent poster on the forum. I try   Read More »

Baby Viking hat FAIL

By Andrea – StuffSheMakes I have this unwritten rule that I NEVER break. It’s that I don’t do things that   Read More »


Silk Tie Easter Egg Fail

By Marybt, This week I bring you … EASTER EGGS!!!! What’s that you say?  It’s impossible to screw up Easter   Read More »

The “Bummer” Basket – Knitted & Felted Fail

The Christmas countdown clock was ticking, but this project looked like a quick knit. And one which would be felted. Felting, I naively thought, would cover a multitude of sins …

Embroidered Resin Pendants Fail

By WendyKay, (WendyKay’s shop and blog) I had an epic craft fail last month that literally brought me to tears. I’m over   Read More »

Fabric Eggs Fail

By TexasWren I started making some of the lovely eggs seen on RetroMama’s blog.  Then, I got the bright idea   Read More »

A bad attempt to use up fabric scraps…

by Christine, Little Diva Because I do a lot of sewing and have lots of scrap pieces of fabric, I   Read More »