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blame the kids

Blame the kids?

You spend hours on a project only to have it turn out looking like your five-year-old made it.¬† It’s not   Read More »

plaid nails inspiration

When Plaid Goes Bad (A Nail Fail)

Oh nail art, why must you taunt us?¬† Pinterest and YouTube would both have us believe that some methods are   Read More »

dye it black

Well, you could always try dyeing it…

Sometimes you can save a fail with what I like to call a “crafty last resort” – this usually involves   Read More »

Image from Happy Good Time Blog

The Pintester Takes on Corn Dog Mini Muffins

Y’all, it’s too hot for baseball. And that’s saying something, considering I find nothing more patriotic than baseball pants. But   Read More »

craft wars toy box

Craft Wars Ep 3: Vote for Biggest Toy Box CraftFail

So, what did you think of last night’s episode of Craft Wars? The Pop Craft round was all about creating   Read More »

no sew pillowcover

No Sew Pillow Cover Done Wrong

Reader Melissa stumbled across this great no-sew pillow cover project from Organize Your Stuff Now. She thought, “I have lots   Read More »

minnie mouse cake pop

Minnie Mouse Cake Pops, or not

Reader Cait intended to make Minnie Mouse cake pops: “Adorable and went with the party theme for my niece’s first   Read More »

sailors knot

Sailor’s Knot: Beware All Ye Who Try This Craft

Are your crafts Nautical, or are they nice? This Celtic knot heart necklace by Clones n Clowns is a great   Read More »