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In the Harsh and Unflattering Sunlight

From the post: Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, that’s the color of my fail “But the next morning in the harsh   Read More »

earth day craftfail

Earth Day Library Crafts – Trash Makeovers?

From the Post: Epic Trash Makeovers Check the post, it has lots of funny lines in it!

martian river beds

Pin Me: Martian River Beds

From: There’s No Way to Mend a Broken Heart Pendant

melted crayon art

Pinterest Fail: Melted Crayon Art

I love Pinterest, but you have to admit there is a strong element of “Buyer Beware” involved in some of   Read More »

milano cookie sheep

Milano Sheep… Nailed It

  From the Post: Attack of the Mutant Milano Sheep


Martha Gone Wrong: Wax Hearts Failed

After scouring Pinterest for some Valentine’s eye candy I landed on these lovely hearts by Martha Stewart made of simple   Read More »

vivienne nailed it

Sewing Fail: Coat gone wrong

From the post: The Vivienne Westwood Miscalculation

critical error

Pin Me: My Critical Error

From: Paint Chip Art Gone Unstuck