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fairy cookies nailed it

Fairy Cookies – Nailed it!

When Michelle from Muffin Tin Mom saw these adorable pink be-sprinkled heart cookies in a cute cookbook, she couldn’t wait   Read More »

Craft Tip 435: Wear gloves when spray painting

Craft Tip #435: Wear Gloves

As a public service to the world, the CraftFail staff has been compiling crafting tips. Thanks to @megs_paige for helping   Read More »


Caught Blue-Necked (Tie Dye Disaster)

Sometimes it is difficult to determine who got into the garbage can and made a mess.  Sometimes you get lucky   Read More »


Cardboard Treehouse of Horror

It was supposed to be fun.  It was supposed to be easy.  It was supposed to look like a tree.   Read More »

cinnamon sugar pumpkin donuts

pinterest fail kitchen: donut blobs

My oh my, these cinnamon sugar pumpkin donuts look delish. That’s what Mel from The Larson Lingo thought when she   Read More »

pretty yarn balls

Yarn Balls – Yer Doing It Wrong!

Carla wanted to make some of those cute little yarn balls that are all over Pinterest. Carla? Yer doin’ it   Read More »

green ombre cake

Ombre Cake Fail in Green

Reader Liz  wanted to make one of these awesome multi-layered, multi-colored ombre cakes like the one from Hot & Chili.   Read More »

hair chalking inspiration

Pinterest Fail: Hair Chalking

This fetching photo has been pinned and repinned bazillions of times on Pinterest. Who doesn’t want to have rainbow colored   Read More »