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scrapbook nails

Scrap the Scrapbook Paper Nails

Let me start off by saying, these appeared all over Pinterest as “scrapbook paper nails“. I blame my failure on   Read More »

martha lied

Martha Lied

  Ever try a Martha Stewart craft project, and 3 hours later, all you have is a huge mess and   Read More »

snow globe fail

What Exactly Is the Point? Waterless Snow Globes

I thought this cute little mason jar snowglobe was a great idea until my sister asked me, “Wait, is this   Read More »

cakepop fail

Cakepops Failed.

Everyone loves Cake Pops… right? We have failed at the Sesame Street Cake Pops and the Turkey Cake Pops… have   Read More »

Toddler finger painting inspiration

Mess Free Toddler Painting — What could possibly go wrong?

Any parent of toddlers knows that when a craft can be mess-free, that’s awesomesauce. Jasmine from I Am Moms sure   Read More »

first world problems pinterest

First World Pinterest Problems

It looked so amazing on Pinterest… but mine turned out like crap.

button bowl inspiration

Button Bowl… Busted

Merry from Making It Merry saw this lovely button bowl on Pinterest. It seems everybody and their brother’s uncle had   Read More »

shark cupcake inspiration

Hello Shark Cupcakes… and Goodbye.

After picking up the book “Hello Cupcake,” Bethany at Monson Photography made a bunch of cupcakes. From sunflowers, to owls,   Read More »