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Truck Nuts for the Ears

What I saw in my head: lovely, delicate pink crystal drops with a splash of bling bling. What I created:   Read More »

Remember how to spell each time you drink

How do you show your dad you care? Hand-paint him a coffee mug that he can look at every morning   Read More »

Ice Cream Cupcakes… Nailed It

I found a recipe for cupcakes in a cone on the back of our ice cream cone box. I had   Read More »

Origami Nazgul

I LOL’d. Origami Nazgul: Nailed it. (Origin: Reddit; This photo: via Funstoo)

Money Shot Lies, This is a Craft Fail

From: Carolina My website: Always Expect Moore Don’t ever trust a craft blogger. The beautiful “glamor shot” they use to   Read More »

Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail

Cookie Monster Cupcakes (via Memebase, from a post at Geekologie) Stay tuned for more great CraftFails soon!

Polaroid Shrinky Don’ts

I thought it would be adorable to have a Polaroid style photo on a key chain. I was out of   Read More »

I want to hold your Plastic Bag Holder

From: Sue Y My website: Subject: Plastic Bag Holder Gone Bad! We have a monthly gathering of friends called   Read More »