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hershey's perfect chocolate cake

Hershey’s Imperfect Chocolate Cake

This is the famous Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cake recipe found on the back of their baking cocoa. At the end   Read More »

green ombre cake

Ombre Cake Fail in Green

Reader Liz¬† wanted to make one of these awesome multi-layered, multi-colored ombre cakes like the one from Hot & Chili.   Read More »

robot cake by betty crocker

Revenge of the Robot Cake

Kate thought this Betty Crocker Robot cake would be a snap, but didn’t count on the amount of icing needed,   Read More »

train cake

Trainwreck Cake

From: Michelle B. Subject: Train Cake? More like train wreck! One of my best friends told me that she had   Read More »