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Chinese Dumplings

Dumpling Disaster

These Chinese dumplings are called guo tie according to the recipe by Hunger Hunger, though the bite-sized bits of yum are   Read More »

Farmhouse BBQ Muffins

Barbecue Muffins – Nailed It

The friends are coming over and what do you do?  You break out the appetizers! Sometimes, though, you get this   Read More »

Star Wars Cookies Fail

Star Wars Cookies Gone Wrong

  Geekologie just might have brought us to a new level of intergalactic cookie-baking. The Force is strong in some places.   Read More »

Breadcrumb Cheese Bites

Cheese Bites – Nailed It!

You know how when friends gather to watch the football game, it’s all about the yummy appetizers and the cheesy   Read More »

Creepy Pancake Man

From: breanna My website: I was experimenting with an idea to make a dollar store pancake writer to make   Read More »

I see a yellow blob. Happy BIRDday!

From: Darcylou Subject: Bloated BIRDday Cookies I missed my deadline for finishing the cross-stitch I planned my boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday.   Read More »

Not-so-friendly Amish Friendship Bread

From: Amy A My website: Good Ideas and Tips I had a friend who gave me a bag of “GOO”   Read More »

Cooking Fail: Poison Birthday Cake

By RadMegan While baking a birthday cake for my husband, I not only used the wrong pan, causing it to   Read More »