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Cardboard Treehouse of Horror

It was supposed to be fun.¬† It was supposed to be easy.¬† It was supposed to look like a tree.   Read More »


Grocery List Miss

Have you ever felt like your world is upside-down? Sarah made a Grocery List notepad to help. Only problem is   Read More »


In the Harsh and Unflattering Sunlight

From the post: Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, that’s the color of my fail “But the next morning in the harsh   Read More »

CraftFail Inspiration

Pinterest Fail: Paint Chip Art Gone Unstuck

This is supposedly the easiest, no brainer diy art ever, right — colorful paint chip art. Glue down pieces of   Read More »


There’s No Way To Mend a Broken Heart Pendant

Valentine’s Day crafting should be easy and fun. I mean, it’s just hearts. Heart projects aren’t hard, right? Wrong. I   Read More »

Nutella Mug Cakes – Nailed it!

I found these delicious-looking Nutella Mug cakes, and I knew I had to try them. Five minutes and a whole   Read More »

Witch Cookies – Nailed It

I’ll get you my pretties! You and your little cookies too! These Witchy Cookies were so cute, I knew I   Read More »

Chocolate Cake – Nailed It

Mom’s favorite flavor of cake: Lots o’ Chocolate.