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Puff Hatty craftfail

From: Kate My website: Subject: Hat fail This is the first hat I’ve ever made, and it may well   Read More »

It’s, um… a leaf?

After a long walk in the woods yesterday, I was inspired to crochet some leaves.  I went home, got out   Read More »

Lobsters and Granny Squares and Pygmy Puffs..oh my!

By Notagirlymom Ok, so there are several fails here. First off is Louie Lobster, which I made because I couldn’t   Read More »

Strange beginnings….

I start so many projects with the best intentions… I think it’s going to be the next big thing, everyone’s   Read More »

Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep and I’ve Lost The Plot–help

I’m not quite sure what happened here but I’m putting it down to my sense of over ridding optimistic enthusiasm,   Read More »

The Skin Condition Hat

by: Haley at The Wild Wood Flower. This is my most Epic Craft Fail. Let me introduce you to the Skin Disease   Read More »

The Little Hat that Couldn’t

This was my first attempt at making a hat from a simple pattern. I picked a yarn that was *slightly*   Read More »

Calling Adam and Eve…

By Notagirlymom I managed to snag a copy of the original “Stitch N Bitch” book through an interlibrary loan at   Read More »