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Marshmallow Cupcakes

Sheep(ish) Cupcakes

Laura at VanDerLinden Life writes: My daughter and I tried to replicate these cute sheep cupcakes. My husband went to   Read More »

Perfect Poo Cupcakes

I asked, the universe answered. Well, I Tweeted… “Cupcake bakers, I respectfully request you NOT use the large round piping   Read More »

Ice Cream Cupcakes… Nailed It

I found a recipe for cupcakes in a cone on the back of our ice cream cone box. I had   Read More »

Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail

Cookie Monster Cupcakes (via Memebase, from a post at Geekologie) Stay tuned for more great CraftFails soon!

B-Movie Horror Cupcakes

by Cassie, Hand, Heart and Home I had a go at making some chocolate cupcakes and also some banana muffins.   Read More »

Cupcakes of Failure

by Jana from Over Here, Over There “We shall have a class party! Everyone bring treats!” my teacher said. “Hooray!”   Read More »