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Sewing on the Dark Side

From: Christina G     Inspired to make the Ruby Doll, I took a stab at it having never sewn   Read More »

Nylon Baby Doll Fail

From: Catalina My website: Up the hill, both ways I found this adorable tutorial on making dolls out of nylons   Read More »

How to Make a Doll Pattern… without failing

From: Sarah My website: Dolls and Daydreams Subject: How I Make a Doll Sewing Pattern and a Craft Fail! I’ve   Read More »

Craft Fails heard ’round the web: September 2010

Over at Dolls and Daydreams Sarah made a dolly and her daughter didn’t like it Jessi from Jessi makes Things   Read More »

Dotee’s gone ugly

Have you heard of Dotee dolls? They are little art dolls that first appeared on Dot’s Life and Art blog,   Read More »

I Ain’t Got No Body

(channeling some 1985 David Lee Roth – does it soften the post, or make it worse?) When my doll-making started   Read More »

Holiday Crafting: Make a Blanket into a Doll

Thanks for joining me for my Dollar Store CraftFail. Usually I can salvage my projects enough to at least be   Read More »

A bit too creepy for the babies

By WendyKay, In an attempt to make a baby-safe fabric doll, I had a bit of a measuring mishap. The   Read More »