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pineapple flower

Pinterest-Martha Fail: Pineapple Flowers

I was put in charge of making desserts for this year’s family Easter dinner. I spent hours on Pinterest finding   Read More »

Pinterest Gone Wrong: Melted Crayon Art

Welcome to this week’s edition of Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong. One of the most popular projects that has swept Pinterest   Read More »

Witch Cookies – Nailed It

I’ll get you my pretties! You and your little cookies too! These Witchy Cookies were so cute, I knew I   Read More »

Nobody Wants a Green Slime Mold Heart

Resin crafting be a harsh mistress indeed. We’ve featured several resin fails over the years, but I was only recently   Read More »

Quit sewing and take a break

From: Becky My website: Subject: Ohio Star Message Body: Sometimes you just know when to take a break….. Related   Read More »

The Jolly Cannibal Jack-O-Lantern Hot Pad

So I joined a swap where you’re supposed to send seasonal-themed items to someone you don’t know.  My swappy partner   Read More »

The Skin Condition Hat

by: Haley at The Wild Wood Flower. This is my most Epic Craft Fail. Let me introduce you to the Skin Disease   Read More »

Welcome Spring Calendar Fail

by Shoveling Ferret A few months back Craft Magazine and Singer Sewing Machines sponsored a “Crafting with Nature Contest.” All   Read More »