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Upcycled Bead Fail

By Tamdoll I think the failure here is in my over confidence.  I get an idea, I sit down to   Read More »

Arrgh, Talk like a Pirate Day: Piratical CraftFail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts Arrgh, mateys! Happy celebration of “Talk like a Pirate Day” to all ye land-lubbers, swabbies   Read More »

Cursed Tribal Easter Egg Necklace

By Kmom14, Crafts & Creations With Kathy While it seems mild mannered enough hanging on the picture of my sweet   Read More »

Green Warty Baby Tile

By Marybt Here is another of my craptabulous creations.  In case you can’t tell, I was trying to make an   Read More »

The ones that got away

by becca.elpy of Not Rachel I had a little collection going in my jewelry. I called it Keyword Overload because   Read More »