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Christmas Ornaments and Baubles

Colorful Bauble Ornaments – Nailed It

Who doesn’t love a wonderfully decorated, perfectly coordinated Christmas tree? And to think, you can make these beautiful baubles yourself,   Read More »

Martha the magician

Martha the Magician

I don’t believe that David Copperfield can really make the Statue of Liberty disappear into thin air.  I don’t believe   Read More »


A Modest Halloween Costume Proposal, Thanks Martha!

Posted by Heather, Dollar Store Crafts Click here for the Roast Turkey Costume Instructions Okay, CraftFail is devoted to sharing   Read More »

Cupcakes of Failure

by Jana from Over Here, Over There “We shall have a class party! Everyone bring treats!” my teacher said. “Hooray!”   Read More »

martha pompoms

Enter the Pom-Poms of Sadness

By Betsy of craftivism Please note that these tissue paper pom-poms from Martha Stewart have 4 steps. Simple, easy peasy,   Read More »


Dog Brownie Fail

By, Liz from After cleaning out the junk room, I came across an old issue of Martha Stewart Kids from   Read More »

Easy felted wool animals, right?

Thanks, Martha!

By aiemster So one Saturday my friend and I decide to do a bunch of crafts from the Martha Stewart   Read More »