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Moustache Fingernails by cutepolish

Mashed Mustache Nails

We’ve seen attempts at this YouTube nail polish tutorial for Movember Moustache Nails by cutepolish before, with some hair-raising results. Still, it’s such   Read More »

Moustache Fingernails by cutepolish

Messed Up Mustache Nails

I wish I could say that I’m fancy enough to even attempt to make my fingernails look pretty, but at the rate   Read More »

Bearded CraftFail

So, since the theme of this year’s spring bookfair is The County Fair/Carnival, I decided I would knit a ‘stache/beard   Read More »

Don’t Judge a Cuff by its Mustache

by Sarahapple With days until Christmas, my handmade Xmas is in high gear. So high, that I am driving blindly   Read More »

Moustache Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts and CROQ Zine Sure, everyone knows you can use #6 plastic (the kind in takeout   Read More »