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Wire-Wrapped Heart – Snailed it!

Wire is a fun product to craft with, and truly skilled artists, like professional jeweler Ula of, can make   Read More »

tissue paper pendants

Pretty Puny Tissue Paper Pendants

I almost couldn’t find the tutorial for these tissue paper pendants from Snapping Monsters, because OMG THE CUTE PROJECTS. So. Many.   Read More »

Dragonflies Something Sublime

Dragonfly Disappointment

  Inspiration is everywhere on the Internet, not just on Pinterest, which is sort of unfortunate for lazy people like   Read More »


Glitter Isn’t Always the Answer

Here’s one that went back to the garbage from whence it came.  I still maintain that the idea behind this   Read More »

Cursed Tribal Easter Egg Necklace

By Kmom14, Crafts & Creations With Kathy While it seems mild mannered enough hanging on the picture of my sweet   Read More »

Moustache Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts and CROQ Zine Sure, everyone knows you can use #6 plastic (the kind in takeout   Read More »