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peppermint oatmeal cookies

The Myth of the Healthy Cookie

YUM, this peppermint oatmeal cookie couldn’t look more delicious! And you know what that means – if it’s delicious, it’s   Read More »

gummy bears

Not-so-Gummy Bears

In my house, the kids treat gummy bears like currency, trading treats for promises to do each other’s chores. As   Read More »

rice cooker carrot cake

Rice-Cooker Carrot Cake Fail

When I was in college and lived in the dorms, our cooking options were limited by the few small appliances   Read More »

Spooky Graveyard Chili by

Spooky Chili – boo hoo

I have to admit, when this photo landed in the old Craft Fail inbox with no back story, I wasn’t 100%   Read More »

angel food cupcakes

Angel Food Cupcakes – not so angelic

So light, so delicately sweet, so delicious… My mouth is watering just thinking about these chocolate chip angel food cupcakes by   Read More »

play dough by

Play Dough, or play D’OH?

Play-Doh is fun for all ages, and I don’t mean just to eat. The trouble is, when you let your   Read More »