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ombre fabric

Ombre Scarf Snafu

I wouldn’t say ombre dyeing fabric is one of the easiest – or tidiest – projects you could try, but   Read More »

You look like an Amish Pippi Longstocking or something

by Crafterella How exactly does one fail at making a scarf?  It’s just a long, skinny rectangle!  Well I can   Read More »

Tutorial: How to make temporary hobo gloves

At Dollar Store Crafts, we like to take seemingly ordinary objects and transform them into different things. Take this knit   Read More »

Yarns to avoid: Pond Scum Aloe

From: Cakefortwo My website: Subject: Beginner’s luck! Oh goodness. This was my first-ever, completely over-ambitious try at crocheting. Being   Read More »

Don’t Get Your Cowl in a Twist

From: Jen Pepper My website: Subject: Cowl Fail Matt’s mom recently taught me how to knit. So like the   Read More »

My Wardrobe Refashion Fail

A couple years ago I participated in a wonderful online project called Wardrobe Refashion. If you participate in Wardrobe Refashion,   Read More »

Wet felting = all washed up

Maya, Froggy’s Fiber Followings I have a tendancy to jump in to crafty things with both feet… over the bridge…   Read More »

Scarf Fail

By Notagirlymom After my disaster with the Knitting That Ate Toyko, I decided to do a scarf. Because scarves are   Read More »