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Craft Tip #23: Ugly Materials

Even when making a test-craft, some adages still apply. The CraftFail staff has been compiling crafting tips to help light   Read More »

Resin Flower Fail

One of our most popular fail ingredients is resin. The reason? Resin is not a beginner’s medium. And, if you   Read More »

Dotee’s gone ugly

Have you heard of Dotee dolls? They are little art dolls that first appeared on Dot’s Life and Art blog,   Read More »

It’s, um… a leaf?

After a long walk in the woods yesterday, I was inspired to crochet some leaves.  I went home, got out   Read More »

I Ain’t Got No Body

(channeling some 1985 David Lee Roth – does it soften the post, or make it worse?) When my doll-making started   Read More »

The Skin Condition Hat

by: Haley at The Wild Wood Flower. This is my most Epic Craft Fail. Let me introduce you to the Skin Disease   Read More »

Crazy Quilt Fail

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts and CROQ Zine About this quilt: This quilt had its humble beginnings in the scrap   Read More »

Fimo Pen Tutorial Fail – with video!

By Heather, Dollar Store Crafts Craft Fail: Fimo Pen Tutorial Fail from Heather Mann on Vimeo. Back in 2005, I   Read More »