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pinecone wreath

Pine Cone Wreath Wreck

Occasionally an initial craft success¬†can become a craft fail ALL BY ITSELF, without any “help” from the crafter. CraftFail reader   Read More »

pot wreath

Potted Wreath Imperfection

This beautiful wreath made of terra cotta pots filled with succulent plants on a wire frame can be found on   Read More »

Easter Egg Wreath Fail

From: Madigan My website: I wanted to make a cute wreath for Easter covered in tiny little eggs and   Read More »

It’s the Most Craftiest Time of the Year

Ahh, the holidays. It’s the Most Craftiest Time of the Year. Also, it’s the best time of year to expose   Read More »

Great Expectations

From: Kati Subject: Ornament Fail Message Body: I intended to make a wreath ornament like the photo above, a project   Read More »